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GradeRoof Solutions

The Grade Roofers & Flooring AS Technology can be applied for all thermal insulation materials used on roofs.

Modular pitch solutions for thermal insulation panels, circulate roof drainage can be performed from all kinds of thermal insulation materials commonly applied in current pitch solutions for flat roofs (terraces, parking lots). The more complicated and “difficult” the roof is, the better the circulate pitch solution matches the entire project, installation and optimization savings.

Thermal insulation panels can be performed from such materials as:

  • WM mineral wool,
  • PIR,
  • EPS expanded polystyrene,
  • XPS extruded polystyrene,
  • GF glass foam.

Flexible technology; possibility to adjust to each roof type.

The principle and flexibility of the drainage for flat roofs (terraces, parking lots etc.) based on the patented GradeRoof technology, owned by Grade Group A/S with its seat in Oslo, is presented on a simple animation model.

Summary: flexibility and adjustment to each roof type.

Flexible technology

Two drains

Drainage with wedges

Division into drainage sections

What is the difference between traditional 2-way and 4-way slope technology vs circular drainage technology?

GradeRoof Products

GradeRoof SYSTEM

The GradeRoof System includes:

  • design optimization respecting the guidelines of the architectural and construction design and the purpose of the roof (parking lot, terrace);
  • the offer and sales of the entire System, i.e. the circulate design, circulate pitch panels, wall wedges and referring to other special places;
  • delivery to the selected site in Poland on an agreed date;
  • trainer’s support during the first installation – expert roofer from Grade Group to join the contractor’s roofer team as its regular member.

Standard modular GradeRoof CIRCULATE roof panels

  • GradeRoof CIRCULATE-WM
  • GradeRoof CIRCULATE-GF*

*GF – Glass Foam

GradeRoof wall and corner slope wedges

  • GradeRoof wall and corner pitch wedges from mineral wool
    • GradeRoof KLIN-WM-1 200 x 100 x 100 [mm]
    • GradeRoof KLIN-WM-1 200 x 150 x 150 [mm]
  • GradeRoof wall and corner pitch wedges from EPS or XPS polystyrene
    • GradeRoof KLIN-EPS-1 000 x 100 x 100 [mm]
    • GradeRoof KLIN-EPS-1 000 x 150 x 150 [mm]
  • GradeRoof wall and corner pitch wedges from EPS or XPS polystyrene covered with interleaving roofing felt
    • GradeRoof KLIN-EPS/P-1 000 x 100 x 100 [mm]
    • GradeRoof KLIN-EPS/P-1 000 x 150 x 150 [mm]