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Grade Roof

Shaping the future of roofing

Shaped Roof


GradeRoof is a modular system of roof circulate drainage provided as a pre-fabricated set ready to be installed on the roof.
Shaped Roof

Advantages of the Grade Group® technology

Savings easy to calculate! We provide extensive opportunities of cost optimization on the thermal insulation layer of the pitch and roof drainage without the necessity to change utility guidelines of the roof and preserving its designed technical parameters.
Shaped Roof

Our factory

Our factory represents modernity, precise prefabrication and deliveries to construction site performed on the agreed day.

Perfect roof

A movie presenting the GradeRoof technology, its advantages, and information about the patent.

Quick assembly

Installation of the GradeRoof System is easy and very fast (module based arrangement). Marked panels and the attached design of their assembly minimize potential mistakes.

Reliable drainage

Each circulate drainage solution is TAILOR-MADE for each roof, created from scratch by our engineers and designers. The components are computer-formed and then prefabricated on the production line. The errors are thus avoided completely!

European Patent

Roof Circulate Drainage
Shaped Roof

Our service

… it is cost optimization, prefabrication of thermal insulation panels, logistics services provided on time, support during roof installation, perfect roof drainage.
Shaped roof

Discover Our projects

Only in the first year of our activity within the roofing sector, this technology was installed on over 100 roofs and terraces of buildings representing various purposes and sizes. The first model roof in Poland was also performed.
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GRADE GROUP® is a young and very fast developing corporation with mainly Scandinavian roots. We specialize in modern modeling of thermal insulation panels and shaping the drainage for flat roofs, parking lots, terraces with low pitch percentage with the use of circulate drainage – inverted pitch. As Grade Group we have undertaken business investment projects outside Scandinavia in Poland (the facility in Łubowo near Gniezno) as well as we are currently running the negotiations with our German Partners.

We offer cooperation options in the area of developing and modeling the optimization of solutions for the shaping of thermal insulation panels for roof surfaces, terraces, parking lots – basing on the patented circulate drainage technology.

Each design for roof shaping and circulate drainage is developed and adjusted basing on guidelines and the original architectural and construction design.

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